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Traditional Marketing

 The promotion of goods, services or brands via methods that existed pre-digital era such as Print Advertisements, billboards, brochures, TV, Radio and similar means.

Newspaper Ads

These ads typically appear in the classifieds or display sections of the newspaper and come in various formats, including text-based, display and graphical ads.


These ads can come in various formats, such as text-based, display, and graphical ads, and they can be targeted to specific audiences through the choice of publication or demographic.

Post Cards / Flyers

Postcard advertising is a form of direct mail marketing that uses a physical postcard, sent through the mail to a targeted list of individuals, promoting a product, service or business, allowing to reach a specific target audience with a personalized message.


Billboard advertising is a form of out-of-home (OOH) advertising that involves placing large-scale advertisements on billboards, bus stops, subway stations and other high-traffic public spaces to reach a wide audience and increase brand awareness or drive traffic to a specific location.

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